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Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) ensures that construction worksites are as safe as possible beginning with basic safety training for all employees. CSTS is the only worker-specific safety program of its kind in the province and is acknowledged industry wide as an excellent learning tool for individuals who are either new to the construction industry or have not had formal safety training.

Construction Safety Training System is a self-paced online course broken down into moduleS. upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued, Certification is valid across Canada and does not expire.

The 15 modules explore various aspects of a construction jobsite with an emphasis on being aware of common hazards and how to avoid them. Students move through the modules, testing their knowledge of the content through interactive “question and answer” scenarios.

  • Module 1: Your Worksite and the Law
  • Module 2: Personal Physical Care & Conduct
  • Module 3: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Module 4: Workplace Hazards
  • Module 5: Field Level Hazard Assessment
  • Module 6: WHMIS
  • Module 7: Worksite Conditions
  • Module 8: Environmental Factors
  • Module 9: Fall Protection
  • Module 10: Emergency Response
  • Module 11: Ladders & Scaffolding
  • Module 12: Mobile Equipment
  • Module 13: Machinery, Tools & Equipment
  • Module 14: Excavating & Trenching
  • Module 15: Defensive Driving


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