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2016 BC Budget unexciting but will support continued economic growth

Burnaby, BC – The BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association offers its support for the 2016 Budget as presented this week by the Honourable Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance.

Although this year’s budget offers nothing spectacular, it will support continued economic growth. The BC Road Builders are encouraged by the government’s recognition of the critical role investment in core infrastructure plays in building a strong economy and creating jobs.
A disciplined approach has enabled this government to deliver balanced budgets, and ranked BC with the highest economic growth of any of the provinces in Canada. BC is ranked first in Canada with the: highest private sector economic growth expectations; lowest debt to GDP percentage; highest AAA credit rating; and lowest taxes for BC families.

“Budget 2016 will keep BC moving steadily towards a solid economic future,” says Jack Davidson, president of the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association. “We salute the $100 million inaugural contribution to the BC Prosperity Fund, and BC Road Builders look forward to continuing to build BC infrastructure that will ensure future prosperity for our children and grandchildren.”