SiteReadyBC (Formerly Construction Safety Training System CSTS)

Overview: SiteReadyBC is the first comprehensive construction site safety orientation program developed in British Columbia, providing workers with the core knowledge they need to understand the safety requirements of any construction site in the province and to work there with confidence. Developed and created by the BCCSA in consultation with stakeholders from the BC construction […]

Working in a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace

For managers, supervisors, and anyone working in construction. Learn how to create and participate in a respectful and inclusive workplace to help ensure that your company offers a place where everyone feels wanted and welcomed. Understand industry expectations and how a respectful and inclusive workplace can benefit everyone by eliminating discrimination and harassment. Be able […]

Construction Law

For owners, managers, supervisors, and project managers who deal primarily in trade-to-trade and/or trade-to-customer situations. Understand construction contracts and contract law Understand the origins of law. Understand what a contract is and what makes it valid or invalid. Know the different types of construction contracts. Understand roles in the construction industry as they apply to contract […]

First Level Supervisor Training Program

This course offers the critical basic skills and concepts needed to supervise a crew in the residential, institutional, commercial, industrial and civil construction sectors. It is intended for foremen and supervisors or any individual who wants to become a First Level Supervisor in any part of the country, in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, […]

Pipeline Construction Safety Training

This course has been designed and developed by the construction industry to address health and safety issues specific to pipeline construction in the oil and gas industry. Construction safety is not to be taken lightly and it is something that the pipeline construction industry takes very seriously. This course is intended to familiarize you, the […]

Introduction to Construction Estimating

Accurate and precise estimating is critical to the financial viability of a construction firm. This course provides an introduction to the field of construction estimating and covers all aspects of the production of an accurate estimate. This course is intended for people working in estimating, or any individual who wants to become an estimator in […]

Introduction to Business Information Modeling (BIM)

As Building Information Modeling (BIM) is adopted by more and more companies in the construction industry, its usefulness has expanded beyond the original design phase activities. This course positions BIM in the context of all phases of construction, illustrating how to maximize BIM as a tool for the entire construction team. You will see how […]

Construction Project Management

The information presented in this course will help you to understand what you can do to successfully administer projects and will provide you with the necessary tools to help manage a project. This course is intended for everyone working in construction in any part of the country, in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, pipeline […]

Construction Industry Ethics

The Construction Industry Ethics course has been designed to help you understand ethics as it relates to the construction industry. The course contains interactive elements, case studies, practical examples, videos and a course glossary. This course is intended for owner/clients, contractors, supervisors, project managers, etc. who must deal effectively and professionally with employees, sub trades, […]

Confined Spaces Safety Awareness

This course is intended for everyone working in confined spaces in any part of the country, in any sector (residential, industrial, commercial, institutional, pipeline, civil). The course will introduce you to the types of confined spaces and the associated hazards. Confined spaces can be hazardous if not approached with an understanding of how to prepare […]